• Ricardo Nunes

What does it take?

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

It’s astounding for me to see that the thing replacing skill in Mzansi is hype and the celebration of mediocrity. Gone are the days where skill and originality took precedence over what’s hot out there (and I know I’m generalising or sounding like the old uncle lol). I always encounter youths that ask me, “What does it take for me to make it in this music bizz”. It’s simple…..SELF DISCIPLINE. It’s the easiest thing to do yet the most difficult too. It requires you to look into yourself and to be honest with yourself - call it a self audit if you may. It equires you to acknowledge your weaknesses and to even more build on your strengths. It requires you to identify your overall CAPACITY.

Self discipline deals with the self and stripping yourself down on all levels of being.It’s a skill…in my opinion. Self discipline when cultivated teaches you to expand your mind and tap into the Infinite and identify the unlimited power that you possess. Relating to hip hop self discipline gives rise to skill, that then with time through assimilation of experiences gives rise to style (individuality). Self discipline is a life skill. How are you gonna “make it” if you don’t have basic self discipline tenants to for example, wake up early, discipline your mind to read and listen, discipline your body to adhere to your mind, discipline your spirit so to be in tune with nature, yourself and The All (Universe, God whatever you may call your Source). I have more thoughts and even tactics and how to forge habits to attain self discipline but that I will leave for another blog entry. Seeing that I started with a quote let me end off with this one…“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” – Roy L. Smith

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