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Still miss you

“As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above.” — The Kybalion...This was a favourite quote uttered by a talented friend of mine who passed on a couple of years ago by the name of Leon Botha. Leon who also went under the moniker Solarize is known for his work of art, brief stint with international group Die Antwoord, master turntablist technician and somewhat of a philosopher. Our paths crossed via Ashley Titus aka Mr. Fat (RIP)

of acclaimed group, Brasse Vannie Kaap when he showed me pieces of art Leon shared with him and also his thirst for sharing his view points on hip hop music and Egyptology, a subject myself and Ashley has been immersed in for years. Upon meeting him I was met with a soul with a deep sense of spirituality, thirst for knowledge in any form and a dry sense of humour. After our first contact round about 2002 I would occasionally get messages from him and he would become one of our regular listeners to our campus radio show on UCT Radio with DJ Eazy not knowing that he’s been stalking us for years prior lol.

Later delving into Nuwabic studies with myself and Ashley, Leon would dissect and critically analyze the information regularly that would later influence the work prior to his passing. Being a hermit which allowed him to perfect his skill as a DJ, he rapidly gained respect as a talented turntablist. After his first international exhibition he called me to ask advise on whether to join Die Antwoord, something I reluctantly agreed to as I was scared for the initial intention. He fully took advantage of the opportunity and made an impact no matter how brief. One of his highlight’s was being able to witness one of his heroes, DJ Qbert live, while chilling next him on a chair as we knew him standing in a crowd was not advisable for his medical challenge. Ever full of life I could not even begin to imagine the challenges he faced with progeria – something we would always talk about telephonically. He's been on my mind a lot lately alongside Ashley Titus (RIP), Ronald Piedt (RIP) & Miss Contro'Versy (RIP) all creative souls who contributed to my creative journey. With a family and friend circle who was always supportive of Leon Botha he truly lived a full life. His insights and conversations is what I miss most – the same I had with Ashley Titus (RIP) - still miss you both.

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