• Ricardo Nunes

Random thoughts #5463

While going through my collection of vinyls this evening I couldn't help but have a conversation with myself....Looking back and looking at all these record covers I'm reminded of some good times and not so good ones in my journey as a student of life. I've been asking myself what's next? Was it all worth? Why am I still doing this? I'm not going mad I assure you - but as I think back on a conversation I had with a well established artist last week I think that we need to stare ourselves in the mirror. Acknowledge our strengths but also identify our capacity in all levels of being. It is easy to fall into the ego trap without any real support from family and friends. Everyday should be a humbling moment not because you are special - no matter what your gift or talent - but simply that we are alive and can contribute to our family, friends, fellow brothers and sisters. No amount of gigs, mixtape or album releases is worth if it doesn't make an impact small or big... We are all vessels of some sort - question is what type are you?

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