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I remember...

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I remember the BASE, 24 hour hip hop jams and gatsby competitions. I remember TV2 and Zero Hour Zone catching glimpses of rap videos. I remember P.O.C doing Rapping for Democracy showing youths across South Africa and how to exercise their vote. I remember Do for self concerts, projects and Black Noise initiating bboy workshops at Westrigde City. I remember Town Centre doing my first performance their in '88. I remember The African Hip Hop Movement and Nation of Islam introducing and schooling me in black consciousness. I remember after the Base when we had Brown's Cafe, Angels and Comic Strip and The Jam. I remember GHETTO 3000 the next big thing to Boogie Down Knights. I remember the ill posters for BOOGIE DOWN KNIGHTS and just the overall vibe and the space where I futher developed my DJing. I remember Radio West in Westgate mall and how we use request them frequently to play our demo not getting an inch of attention. I remember watching how the classic album "AGE OF TRUTH" by Prophets of the City was made in DJ Ready D's room and how JAM B beefed because Shaheen wanted a track that was made for them,

I remember Western Block, Mr Devious and Pain and the POWER JAMS at Nicro and how Ready D mixtapes were selling like hotcakes. I remember Peace Radio and Headwarmers when it was hosted by Hamma D, FAT MC,Boeta D, Shaheen and Big Dre. I remember ill deejays like Steven X, Big Dre, B-side, Rick B aka Sinus, Itchie and Scratchie in the mid 90s. I remember SKY1 and Mr.FAT battling at the first Battle of the Year. I remember being in school being excited and buying a ticket to see PUBLIC ENEMY and the show never happened. I remember and salute one of the Godfathers never mentioned KING JAMO, who further schooled me on Egyptology and knowledge of self. I remember when you could only have a 30 min session of "commercial" hip hop in clubs back in the early 90’s. I remember the ZULU NATION and all the beefs back then. I remember AZANIAN B-BOYS and how any bboy group would just be intimidated by the name. I remember my first paid gig which was R50 but the best feeeling ever. I remember Caramel and Whiteboy, Brother A, Nubian Queens, Sistaz in Command, Rugrats, YBM and many more. I remember the DJ OF THE DECADE dj battle when Falko did his DJ David routine and broke the decks. I remember one of the first and best freestyle rappers and beatboxers Marco Polo and Street Brothers, BASF and TDK cassettes and how we would change the insides of these tapes after recording the original and giving the copy back to whoever lend us the cassette, I remember TRAX and Vibes,

I remember the first hip hop and entertainment e-newsletter by Arthur and gang incidents at clubs. I remember doing and putting together my first tour in Namibia in '97. I remember seeing E-20 scratching for the first time and being way before his time back then. I remember Westgate Mall and how we were to hardcore for that. I remember being in NEOPYHTES alongside E.J von Lyrik ( Godessa ) and John Lewis, I remember all the crews I belonged to in the late 80's and 90's like SUICIDE CREW, SUICIDE FUNK, HIT TO EXTREME, SKITZ, H20, DEF DRAGON BOMBERS. I remember dancing and rapping at jaard jolle, carnivals, school concerts & church bazaars.

I remember to always thank the MOST HIGH for the gift given to me and the people I have encountered during my life who helped shaped by consciousness and character. I will always remember you, HIP HOP.

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